Seven Wonders

An implementation of the 7 Wonders, a board game created by Antoine Bauza, made with React.js, Node.js, and Neo4j by me. It's open source, so feel free to check it out on GitHub. Find a bug? Go ahead and report it there, or suggest new features. If you need a refesher on the rules, I found this YouTube video to be a pretty good overview. You can play with others (invite your friends) or with computer players (or a mix!) Play Now!


Graphsplain is a Neo4j performance tuning tool created by @Mike French, @Michael McKenzie and myself for Neo4j's 2019 Graphhack. It's open source, so you can check it out on GitHub (Graphsplain). Stay tuned for an updated version using Neo4j 4.0 where the Graphsplain subgraph can live side by side with the Graphsplain'd graph!


Aquacat (Adhoc Query User Analysis Console) grew out of a need at work for a way to run repeated queries and gather stats for performance tuning and testing. Now its become a frankenstein of different ways of querying/interacting with a Neo4j instance (basic read/write queries, custom charts, transfusing data from one graph to another). Currently slated for a rebuild to make a cohesive entity, it is available here if you have a graph with bolt access open at localhost:7687. Note, if you don't have a valid cert you will need to use it over http instead of https.

About Me

By day I am a full stack developer working with React.js and Node.js in the cloud. For fun I am an amatuer linux sysadmin (just enough to host this website :)) and work on side projects with JavaScript and Neo4j. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn.